A law firm dedicated exclusively to dispute resolution [...]

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Octubre 18, 2013

The Firm

Bofill Escobar Abogados is a law firm specializing in the resolution of complex business and cross border disputes, before local and foreign courts and international arbitration tribunals.

Everything that we do at Bofill Escobar Abogados is oriented towards dispute resolution. For this reason, our firm is structured so that we can focus 100% on resolving the problems of our clients and obtaining the best results.

One of the main strengths of our firm is the diversity of experience and specialties that our partners have, which gives us a comprehensive and innovative approach to conflict resolution.

Bofill Escobar Abogados has a strong commitment to professional ethics. For that reason, all of our attorneys are members of the Chilean Bar Association.

1. Diagnosis
of the problem
2. Objetives
of the client
3. Strategy
and litigation
A good diagnosis of a conflict or dispute requires analysis of all of the factors contributing to the conflict, including those that are not exclusively legal in nature. Only a good diagnosis allows the client's problem to be adequately resolved.. What is the client really seeking? What is the length of time that the client can spare to see its problem resolved? Does the dispute in question arise from a commercial relationship that the client would like to preserve? These questions have to be answered in order to design an adequate strategy. Upon examination, in certain cases litigation is not the most adequate or cost effective mechanism to resolve the client's problem. In other cases, it may be necessary to litigate on various fronts or combine litigation with negotiations or other mechanisms of alternative dispute resolution.